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About company___________________________________

Now CONMET produces the following items in series:

Furthermore CONMET produces the custom-made and non-typical endoprosthesis for cranio-maxillo-facial surgery, dental implantology and neurosurgery.

All CONMET products are approved to serial production by Health Ministry of Russian Federation successfully passing the full cycle of technical, toxicological and clinical tests.
The CONMET elaborations performed in cooperation between CONMET and leading practicing specialists in the field of cranio-maxillo-facial surgery and spine surgery are covered of 15 Patents of Russian Federation.

CONMET is the permanent participator and prizewinner of specialized international and Russian exhibitions and symposia. Particularly in 2007 CONMET took part in 18 specialized exhibitions and symposia in Russia and abroad.

Our company permanently informs the specialists about our new developments and output production through articles in specialized magazines, reports on international and domestic conferences, publications in central press and Internet.

CONMET's priority directions are connected with elimination of patient's anomalies, congenital and acquired malformations and also with the development and implementation of complex implants' systems intending for functional recovery of bone skeleton (integrity) disturbed in result of trauma or surgical operation.

Manufacturing department___________________

On the base of imported and domestic equipment is created the system of flexible automated production including the high-precision machining centers of such companies as SCHAUBLIN, TORNOS, MAHO, HERMLE and also equipment for laser cutting, welding, marking and plasma- and ion-spraying of special coatings.

CONMET is used the most effective tools for 3D computer designing and tomographic data processing ("3D technologies"). The digital data of computer designing in the form of files are used for the creation of executive programs intended for production the implants and instruments on CNC equipment.


CONMET is one of the first firms in Russia, which since1993 . entered the market of titanium implants and instruments beginnig with their designing and production by means of fruitful cooperation with leading scientific centers and industrial plants - titanium manufacturers (VSMPO, VIAM, et al.).

Together with leading medical institutions of Moscow and regional centers of Russian Federation CONMET began applying the techniques osteosynthesis by means of tinanium miniplates.

1995 -  CONMET organized own production placing primary emphasis upon high-precision mechanical CNC equipment and advanced technologies.
1996 -  CONMET began production of the dental implants and instruments.
1998 -  Starting production of the cages for stabilization of spine column. Implementation of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacture) technologies.

1999 -  The CONMET Quality System of designing and production of medical implants and instruments is certified by European organization TÜV NORD CERT GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) according to International Standard EN ISO 9001:1994.
1999 -  It is published the first and unique for Russia edition "DENTAL IMPLANTATION. Illustrated terminology" by A.I.Zhusev and A.Y.Remov under effective assistance of CONMET.

2001 -  CONMET began wide applying the technologies of 3D prototyping for production of custom-made construction.

2002 -  The CONMET of Quality Management of our company is successfully recertified in according with newly accepted Internationals Standards EN ISO 9001:2000 and EN ISO 13485:2000.
CONMET started the development of system transpedicular fixation of spine column. In cooperation with MATI (Moscow Institute of Aviation Technology) named after K.E.Ziolkovsky are conducted the mechanical tests of specimen product.
CONMET is commercialized the new dental implant system "LIKo".

In September2002  it is held the First Scientific-practical seminar "Experience and prospects of clinical application of the CONMET implants". The seminar becomes annual.

In 2003  the nomenclature of the CONMET dental implants system is significantly enlarged. CONMET initiates the clinical tests of transpedicular clamper and process engineering of titanium custom-made mesh structures being intended for replacement of facial skeleton defects by means of 3D prototyping.

In March2004  CONMET dental implants system has received the official registration for the using in the medical practice in Ukraine.

In March2007  CONMET begun the manufacture of implants system for the treatment of spine scoliotic deformations.